Updated April 2022

Bonuses may be issued at any point in time by the company directors. The decision to issue a bonus will be based upon the financial situation of the company at any point in time. When bonuses are issued, they will be distributed equally to all team members on a pro-rata basis.

This means that bonuses will always be a nice surprise and can be issued to reward the team for their contribution to good financial performance, while ensuring that any bonus is compatible with the financial health of the company.


Having issued occasional random bonuses in the past when the company has performed well financially, in late 2021 and early 2022 we conducted a series of consultation conversations with team members to understand if we should create a formal bonus structure, and if so, what it should look like.

The overwhelming feeling within the team was that while bonuses are nice, they only deliver their full benefit when they are true bonuses, i.e. a surprise.

Concerns about standardised bonus structures were:

  • It could create a culture of unhealthy work loads where money is prioritised over quality of life
  • It could create a divided culture, where some team members are chasing bonuses and others are trying to prioritise other things
  • If bonuses are expected, they will be taken for granted and people will plan their finances and expectations around them. This presents a risk that if a bonus was not achieved, it could harm team morale as well as potentially put some people in a difficult financial situation.

Suggestions for an effective bonus structure were that:

  • Timing should be randomised, to maintain the element of surprise
  • It should be issued at a flat rate (pro-rata), as this seems the fairest and simplest way of recognising everyone’s contribution
  • It should be kept in mind that a financial bonus might not always be what people most want at a particular point in time, or the best use of the companies funds, and that’s OK
  • People are happy to leave it to the company directors’ discretion to decide if there is a bonus each year and how much. They would prefer this so that it comes as a surprise and is not on their minds normally.
  • If recognition is to be given for outstanding individual contribution, it would be best that this is done in another way and not through a bonus


All employees and long term contract team members are eligible to receive a bonuses. Freelancers are not eligible. If you are unsure if you are eligible, please ask.

You’re ineligible if you’re leaving Wholegrain, regardless of whether this is your decision or ours.

If you’re on long term leave from the company, you are still eligible but this will be limited to the pro-rata amount in which you were actively working during the past financial year (or applicable financial period). However, we may make exceptions in any of these circumstances.

Part-time workers will as standard receive a proportional amount relative to the full-time team members.

New team members (including those in their probation period) will receive an amount reflecting the proportion of the current financial year for which that have been with the company.

The rules of the scheme may be varied from time to time at the directors’ discretion.