Wholegrain Digital provides all permanent employees with a laptop computer and mobile phone to enable you to carry out your role effectively. We also provide you with a company email via Gmail and access to our Slack and Redbooth accounts.

Our Responsibilities

We’re responsible for providing you with the necessary resources so you can carry out your role, and for ensuring that your devices and accounts are secured against unauthorised access or abuse.

Because of this, we reserve the right to periodically carry out random monitoring of any online activity that takes place when you’re logged into Google or any other software where you’re representing the company.

Your Responsibilities

You’re responsible for looking after any equipment provided by us, ensuring it’s well maintained and notifying us of any issues as soon as they arise.

You must take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the equipment provided, and to maintain the security of your login passwords. We recommend using LastPass.

Please adhere to email guidelines when communicating with clients, and always be mindful of security if you’re discussing anything of a sensitive nature, in which case it may be preferable to use another form of communication.

When using the internet as a Wholegrain Digital employee (i.e. logged in on your Wholegrain Digital account) please remember that you’re representing the company and our business activities. So always exercise good judgement and discretion.

Misuse of Resources

We’re sure you won’t, but legally we have to remind you not to misuse any of the equipment or resources provided to you for communication. Misuse of resources could result in disciplinary or, in certain cases, leave Wholegrain facing legal action.