At Wholegrain Digital, we aim to create a safe, happy, working environment for everybody. If you experience any difficulties, we believe you should be able to voice your concerns constructively. This section sets out our grievance procedure.

This procedure applies to all employees and full-time contractors, although it doesn’t apply to ad-hoc freelancers.

We encourage you to try to resolve any grievances informally with the help of The People and Office Manager, or one of the Directors. If the problem isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you should initiate this formal procedure.

Written Grievance

Put your grievance in writing, detailing the nature of the grievance, including any names, dates, and facts, and give this to The People and Office Manager or one of the Directors. We will then investigate the matter.


Within one week of receiving your letter, we’ll arrange for a meeting to discuss the issue and the findings of our investigations. Should further investigation be required, we may adjourn the meeting and advise you when we’ll reconvene.

We aim to write to you within one week of the final meeting to confirm our decision and advise you of any further action we intend to take to resolve the grievance.


If the grievance hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, you may appeal by writing to the Directors within one week of our decision. We’ll hold a meeting within two weeks of receiving your letter; this will be conducted by somebody not involved in the original case and you also may bring a representative of your own.

We’ll confirm our final decision within one week of the meeting. Unfortunately, there is no further right to appeal.