This policy set up the guidance for how to use your company credit card, it also list the correct practise for recording your purchases made by your company credit card.

  • Once you have received your company credit card, please make sure you download the Revolut app on your phone and active your card.
  • Please bear in mind all of the purchases you made using the Company Credit Card must be necessary, and for Company use only.
  • Any purchases made by you found to be for personal, irrelevant, unnecessary use will be investigated, you may be invited to a disciplinary meeting if necessary.

How to record your purchases made be your company credit card:

  • Please send all receipts and invoices to [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected] once you received them.
  • If you have physical receipts, please download the receiptbank app and scan the receipts using the camera of your phone into the app or take a picture of the receipts and send it to those two addresses.
  • It is important all receipts and purchases are logged correctly for bookkeeping and financing reasons.

Please note it is recommended that every time you make a new purchase using your company credit card, you should check with one of our Directors in advance, it is also sensible to ask the approval from one of our Directors if you are planning to make a purchase of large amount.