While we rarely have the opportunity to take on interns in our small business, when we do, we want to ensure that we do so fairly and in a way that is truly beneficial to all involved.

Our aims for an internship are:

  1. To provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain experience in their chosen field.
  2. To provide a pipeline of talent for the organization and the industry, allowing intern participants to gain valuable skills and connections.
  3. To provide mentorship and support for intern participants, helping them to develop their professional skills and abilities.
  4. To provide a learning environment where intern participants can gain practical knowledge and experience, and apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting.
  5. To provide a positive and inclusive work environment where intern participants can learn, grow, and contribute to the organization.
  6. To provide opportunities for intern participants to network and build relationships with other professionals in their field.
  7. To provide intern participants with feedback and evaluations to help them improve and grow throughout the internship program.
  8. To provide intern participants with opportunities to learn about the organization and its culture, and to contribute to the organization’s success.


All interns will be paid for their time at a rate that complies with our standard employment policies and therefore they will receive a living wage as a minimum.