If you decide to move on to pastures new we understand that your focus may shift to your new role, this is a natural process. We ask that you stay committed during your hand over period and allow time for your knowledge to be transferred to our remaining team. Going back to our values of being Open, Caring, Honest and Brave we hope you understand the importance of not leaving your team in the lurch.  If you feel your notice period may cause concern to your new employer please keep communication with us open and honest and we will find the best possible solution for all involved.

Giving Notice

You must give written notice to one of the Directors that you intend to leave Wholegrain Digital, even if you’ve already given us verbal notice. This can be in a letter or an email.

Likewise, if we terminate your contract we’ll also give you written notice.

Notice Period

After successful completion of the introductory period, all employees are required to give Wholegrain 3 months notice if they intend to leave the company unless otherwise stated in your contract. If we’re terminating your contract, we will give you a month’s written notice.

Depending on the circumstances, we may choose to pay your salary in lieu of giving notice. However, we would usually expect you to work your notice period.


Maintaining a happy team is important to us, so we’re always interested in why people want to move on and whether we could do anything differently. For this reason, we aim to have a chat before you leave, if you wish. Hopefully, you’ll be leaving for positive reasons, but if you’ve been unhappy this is your opportunity to give us feedback on things we could improve for future team members.

It’s also a good opportunity to discuss your future plans and see if there are ways we can stay in contact or even benefit each other in the future.

Final Pay

You will receive your final salary payment on the 24th/25th of the month after your final day at work. This will include any expenses owed and payment for any unused leave or time off in lieu that you’ve accumulated.


All electronic and other equipment purchased by Wholegrain must be returned to the company when you leave. We may be able to come to an agreement with you should you wish to keep an item at the end of your contract, though we may make a charge depending on the age and initial cost of the item. However, we would require you to remove all confidential information pertaining to Wholegrain business.