We believe it’s important in business and in life to have a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve and to regularly remind yourself of that. Wholegrain Digital is not like most businesses. We exist for reasons beyond simply making money.

This is our definition of success and our vision for Wholegrain:

We will have achieved success when we recognise that Wholegrain Digital is not a company, nor a brand, but a team of unique and special people. When we recognise that our clients too are not businesses, but also groups of unique individuals whose needs we aim to serve.

When we have found health and happiness as individuals within our team, and are able to spread that health and happiness to each other, to our clients and to others whom we impact.

When our team is supportive of every person as an equal yet unique individual, giving them the opportunity to flourish and helping each other to grow. When each person makes the team stronger as a whole.

When we do work that doesn’t just pay the bills and put food in our bellies, but challenges us to think, to learn new skills and to become better people. When we do work that at worst does not sacrifice our values and at best makes our hearts sing.

When we can achieve all of this, not just temporarily but sustainably in an ever-changing world, we will have achieved success.