While our aim at Wholegrain is for a happy, healthy team, we recognise there may be periods when you’re unwell and unable to work. Our Sickness Policy explains what we expect of you if you’re sick or unable to work and how we’ll support you in return.

This policy applies to all contracted employees of Wholegrain Digital.

Notifying Wholegrain of your Sick Leave

You or a family member must notify us of your absence from work. We prefer notification via Bamboo, telephone or Slack where possible and appreciate you giving us as much warning as you can so we can cover your work. Please explain why you’re unable to work and how long you think the absence will last. Unless otherwise agreed, we’d like a telephone call or Slack message at the beginning of each day you’re unfit for work. If you’re unable to do this, we’re happy for somebody else to make the call on your behalf, as long as they have the necessary information.

If you know in advance that you’re going to be off sick, for example for a planned operation, please give us as much warning as possible so we can arrange to reallocate your work.

We also ask that you keep in touch with us during periods of long-term sick leave and let us know of any changes to your circumstances. This is important so we can see if there’s anything we can do to support you in your return to health and to determine if your absence is work-related.

If you’ve been off for a while, we’ll discuss any arrangements or adjustments we can make to help with your return to work, such as part-time working or reduced workload until you feel fully fit again. This may require guidance from your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Please note that you may be asked to provide a Doctor’s Certificate in some cases.  If this is requested you should request it from your doctor.

When you return to work, we ask that you update CharlieHR with details of your sickness absence.

Short-Term Sick Leave

For all sickness absences of up to three days, we’ll pay you at your usual basic rate of pay. Payment is conditional on you notifying our People Manager, that you’re unwell or unable to work. If you can’t get hold of them, please contact one of the Directors instead.

Please note in some cases, we may ask you for a quick meeting with our People Manager or one of the Directors on your return to work to discuss your absence.

We appreciate your time and the dedication you all show towards your work and the Wholegrain team. However, we strictly advise you to stay at home when you are ill, so that you can rest and make a full recovery as soon as possible and avoid making yourself worse, or other team members unwell by coming into the office.

From time to time, our People Manager will go through your general attendance with you, which will also include any sick leave, to ensure that we can provide any support you may need.

In the event that you are unwell, you will be required to self-certify using this form.

You are entitled to 3 fully paid sick days per 3 month rolling period, if you are unwell more than this, you will be paid Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). Please see section on Long- Term Sick Leave. Please note that the 3 days do not accrue.

Should you need to take sick leave of more than three working days, you may be asked to produce a medical certificate for your absence. Frequently repeated short-term sick leave, or extended sick leave without reasonable explanation, will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action. For further guidance, please see our Attendance Policy.

Long-Term Sick Leave

For sickness absences of more than three days, we offer Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from the fourth day onwards. This is calculated at £109.40 per week for up to 28 weeks. Again, this is conditional on you notifying the People Manager or one of the Directors that you’re unable to work.

You’ll only be paid SSP for the first 3 working days you are off sick if either of the following apply:

  • the period you were away from work started before 25 March 2022 and you were off sick because of coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • you received SSP within the last 8 weeks, and that already included a 3-day waiting period before you were paid SSP

You can check your eligibility for SSP here 

If you’re ill or unable to work or partially unable to work due to health reasons for any extended period of time you may be required to obtain a Doctor’s Certificate. If you are unwell for 7 days or more, a Doctor’s Certificate is mandatory.