Slack is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool for teams, and we love it! It’s an instant messaging tool with different chatrooms and a bunch of integrations. We have a number of general conversations running, along with some project-specific and client-specific chatrooms. Some of the most popular team channels are:

  • #general – for general chit-chat.
  • #be-grateful – a positive place to express gratitude for anything, work-related or not.
  • #development – a hub for developers to share their knowledge & skills, ask questions, and for non-developers to ask technical questions.
  • #design-inspiration – a place where we drool over stunning designs and see if we can use them as inspiration in our work.
  • #greenweb – a channel for discussing the environmental impacts of the web and solutions for making the web greener. We also chat about the development of our own website carbon calculator tool.
  • #random – for non-work-related random topics.

If you’re working, you should be on Slack so we can communicate as necessary. For guidelines and etiquette, see Guidelines for Text-Based Communication.