In line with our sustainability policy, we encourage all actively team members to contribute to environmentally responsible working, both at the our co-working space and when working from home.

Working at Somerset House

When working from the co-working space at Somerset House, please do your best to minimise your environmental impact by:

* Switching off electronic devices when not in use
* Using the recycling bins provided in the Exchange, separating all waste. Information on what can go in the ‘Mixed Recycling’ bins can be found here, but always ask a colleague if you are unsure.
* Choose low impact food and refreshments where possible. See our vegetarian expense policy for details of expensable food.
* If you need to dispose of large items or electronic waste, consult the People Manager or a company director who will ensure that it is disposed of properly

Working at home

When working from home, we obviously have no control over your environment but recommend the following to minimise your environmental impact and energy bills.

* Switch off electronic devices when not in use
* Sort your waste in line with your local waste collection scheme to ensure that all recyclables are recycled
* Switch to a renewable energy supplier. This will also qualify you for our renewable energy staff perk. There are many suppliers including Ecotricity, Good Energy and Octopus Energy so find the one that is right for you and ask for advice.
* Implement quick wins to reduce your home energy consumption. The biggest quick win is to reduce heating by minimising drafts, using the thermostat effectively, wearing warmer clothes and only heating the rooms that you are actually using. Additional energy saving advice can be found in this guide from the Energy Saving Trust –
Please ask for advice specific to your situation as there is a wealth of knowledge in the team.
* In the event that you need to dispose of electronic waste, it is essential that this is handled responsibly. Under no circumstances should electronic waste be thrown into municipal waste streams or left to rot in a drawer. See notes on electronic waste below.

Electronic waste (e-waste)

Every year, millions of tonnes of electronic waste are disposed of globally. This is an environmental disaster and also presents data privacy risks too. It is essential that we manage electronic waste responsibly as follows:

1. Any faulty or unused electronic items (including batteries) must be notified to the Office Manager or a director within 2 working days
2. These items should be given to the People Manager or a Director in person, or shipped via a courier that accepts electronic devices, and packaged safely.
3. The People Manager or directors will assess whether the item can be repaired, and if so will organise repair from one of our authorised partners. If repair is not possible, it will be sent fro recycling with one of our authorised partners who will ensure that data is erased and that devices are recycled.
4. For unused items that are working, these will either be stored for use by other team members, or reconditioned and sold by an authorised partner, ensuring that all data is wiped.

Never throw electronic waste in the bin. If in doubt, ask.