We ask all employees entrusted with products owned by Wholegrain, such as a laptop and mobile phone, to take good care of them at all times. This means using them responsibly, and storing and transporting them safely. Refer to our security guidelines for further advice.

If a product is damaged accidentally or found to be faulty, please advise us immediately so we can arrange for a repair or replacement. This is especially important in the case of product faults, as a delay in dealing with the issue could void our ability to claim a repair or replacement under warranty.

If you have any questions about how to look after and care for these items, please ask one of the Directors or another team member.

If you no longer require an item that’s owned by Wholegrain, please return it to us immediately so we can pass it on to another team member, or it can be sold, donated or recycled.

Similarly, if you require a new, updated product, you must return the old item. Company property is not yours to reset, keep or dispose of.