Because your wellbeing is important to us, we keep a close eye on additional hours worked. We don’t want a stressed, overworked team. However, it’s sometimes necessary to put in some extra hours to deal with emergencies or at times of heavy workload.

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) Entitlement

If you need to work more than your contracted hours, please follow Wholegrain’s guidelines for TOIL. Any additional hours worked above 10% of your standard contracted hours must be agreed in advance with one of the Directors. The ordinary hours of work for full-time staff are 40 hours per week.

All TOIL must be agreed prior to the working of extra hours. Please discuss with your People Manager and/or the Directors the reasons behind the overtime – for example, it may be a specific task or project that requires out-of- hours attention.

Time off in lieu (TOIL) should be taken at a mutually agreed time. Whenever practical, this should be within 2 weeks of the time that the overtime was worked.

Process of TOIL

Anticipate the date of your extra work, and determine the expected number of hours you will be working or notify the People Manager as soon as the extra work has been carried out if it was unexpected.

Discuss and agree with the People Manager when you will be taking the time back and then
email all the people concerned. Remember to also record all TOIL in Bamboo.

In compliance with our policy on overtime, we generally don’t allow any more than 16 hours to be accrued in any month.

We ask that you accrue at least half a day’s time off in lieu before requesting the time off. We also ask that you take all time off in lieu within one month of working the additional hours. You can’t carry this forward, expect with express permission from one of the Directors. If you don’t take your time off within the stated timeframe, you will lose those hours.