While much of our work is carried out remotely, from time to time we may require you to travel for work, for example to meet a client, for training, or for a team away day.

This section tells you all you need to know about travelling for work. Please note, this refers to travel that’s required as part of your job, but it doesn’t cover your usual commute into the office.

Eco-Friendly Travel

When it comes to transport, we encourage all Wholegrain team members to use the most eco-friendly form of transport available.

If you’re travelling within London, follow this priority order:

  1. Walking is often one of the quicker ways to get around, is healthy and eco-friendly. Follow the green cross code!
  2. London’s Santander bikes, which we provide free of charge for all employees.  Wear a helmet!
  3. Tube, train or bus
  4. Taxi if really necessary. We recommend trying to hail one of the new electric Black Cabs for the best combination of safety and low emissions.

For travelling longer distances, train is the preferred option for keeping emissions low, but car travel is OK in cases where train is genuinely not practical. As a rule, we don’t permit flying for business, unless there’s an exceptionally good reason for it.

Travelling for Work Expenses

If you’re required to travel for work, Wholegrain will cover the cost of your transport. We may also cover your food and accommodation, depending on the circumstances.

If you’re travelling within London by tube, bus or taxi, you can reclaim the cost of your expenses by submitting a VAT receipt along with brief details of where you went and why. Please send a copy to Vineeta and pass the original receipt to Team Genie Rachael.

Any long distance or overnight travel needs to be discussed and agreed in advance, and we may be able to arrange and pay for the transport on your behalf. If you make the booking yourself, please following the above procedures and pass your receipts to Vineeta and Rachael.

If you’re driving in your own vehicle, we’ll pay 40p per mile, based on the distance calculated by Google Maps. However, your vehicle must be safe, well maintained and insured for business use.

If your travels take you away from your usual city of work for a period that includes meal times, we’ll also reimburse the cost of your food and drink. We simply ask that you eat something healthy and don’t buy anything too extravagant.