Wholegrain Digital supports employees who wish to do volunteer work within the community or for charitable organisations. Supporting employees to participate in voluntary work helps us to build relationships within our local communities, and it helps to promote our dedication to having a positive impact on the world. We’ve even dedicated one of our team days to volunteering with our fabulous client, Project Dirt.

Types of Volunteering Supported

We support employees who wish to undertake a range of community or charitable activities, including:

  • Community care work
  • Environmental work and conservation projects
  • Fundraising for community projects or charities
  • Administration of public events
  • Volunteering at WordPress events

The types of volunteering we support are entirely at the discretion of Wholegrain Directors, Tom and Vineeta.

Volunteering Schemes Operated by Wholegrain

We offer employees the opportunity to volunteer with the support of and under the sponsorship of Wholegrain Digital.

These schemes are open to all employees. If you’d like to apply to take part, you simply need to obtain permission from one of the Directors first.

The arrangements we make to enable you to volunteer depend on the scale and nature of the proposed project. We may offer you:

  • Unpaid leave up to a maximum of three days per year to volunteer on a project
  • Permit you to work flexible hours so you can volunteer on a project
  • Second you to a project for a set period of time

Suggestions for New Volunteering Schemes

If there’s an organisation, charity or project that you’re passionate about and you think would fit with our company values, then please suggest away!

Send your proposal in writing to one of the Directors, outlining the details of the project, why you think it’d be a good fit, and a rough estimate of the likely times and costs involved.

We’ll make our decision based on the overall costs of the proposed project, the burden on the volunteers, and the benefits to Wholegrain and the wider community. We’ll consider anything from a long-term partnership to a short-term project.

Applications to Work on Wholegrain Volunteering Schemes

If you wish to work on one of our volunteering schemes, please apply in writing to one of the Directors. We review each application on a case-by-case basis, and we may ask you to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and experience for certain projects.

We reserve the right to refuse requests to change your working arrangements, if we believe:

  • There’ll be a detrimental impact on the business needs
  • We can’t rearrange your work to fit within the varied hours you request
  • Your individual performance levels are likely to suffer
  • The costs of the new arrangements will be too great

Review of New Working Arrangements

When you’re working on a volunteer project, we’ll meet with you to discuss:

  • How you’re coping with balancing your day-to-day tasks with your volunteer work
  • Whether we can offer you any additional support

We’ll also ask you to write a short report on the project and your experiences for monitoring and publicity reasons.


There is no insurance policy in place for any volunteering work.