Wholegrain offers all contracted team members a few additional perks. Because we’re nice like that! And in true Wholegrain style, our perks are all environmentally friendly and good for you.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits:

Renewable Energy

We offer a reward to all permanent Wholegrain team members who switch their electricity to a renewable energy supplier, such as Ecotricity, Good Energy or OVO Greener Energy.

Once you’ve made the swap, simply provide us with some proof that you’ve switched from a standard tariff to a 100% renewable tariff, and we’ll reward you with one full paid day off each year to say thanks. In return, we ask that you don’t switch straight back again. If you do want to change back for any reason, please talk to us first.


In addition, we provide all our contracted employees with free access to London’s Santander Cycles. So if you want to nip out for any reason while in London, you can whizz there under your own steam without using any public transport.

We encourage you to ride safely on London’s busy streets and we strongly advise wearing a helmet. If you need any safety equipment, such as a helmet or reflective items, please ask us and we’ll supply them to you free of charge.

We also offer our Climate Perks scheme in which we can offer additional time off when you take your personal holidays abroad without flying. Read more here and ask our People Manager for the fine details.

Tree planting

At Wholegrain Digital, we have adopted the principle of Carbon Syncing. Carbon Syncing is a solution that is available now to suck carbon out of the atmosphere in approximately the same volume and timescale as we are emitting it.

We have partnered with Trees for Life who are a charity dedicated to rewilding in the Scottish Highlands as well as Eden Reforestation who operate nature restoration projects internationally.

We welcome all new team members with our Green Handshake, funding the planting of 1260 trees when you join the team. This is a symbolic gesture that should absorb roughly the same amount of CO2 as an average UK citizen for each year of the trees lives. Read more about it here.

We will also purchase one tree in Scotland on your birthday, every year, for the duration they remain with the company.

In addition to this, for every tree that an employee purchases and plants in the Wholegrain Grove, we will also purchase one to match the employee’s contribution.

Please ensure you notify our People and Office Manager or one of the Directors of your purchase by email so that we can keep track of the trees that we need to match.

If you’d like any further information about this matching scheme, feel free to get in contact with our People Manager.

Good For You Benefits:

We like to reward our team for their hard work and dedication. To say thank you, we offer you your Birthday off if it falls on a working day. This is a use-or-lose day.

If you wish to take the day off, it must be your Birthday and is not transferable to another day or week.

On top of Birthday’s off, we would also like to say thank you to our employees who have been with us for a while. We recognised the value you add to Wholegrain and we really appreciate all your hard work.

For employees who have been with Wholegrain for two years or more, you will accrue an additional day off. The longer you stay with us, the more annual leave you can accrue. For every two years of service, you will receive an additional day off. To a maximum of 4 extra days off.

For Example:

  • 2 years of service – 1 extra day accrued on top of base leave
  • 4 years of service – 1 extra day (total of 2 extra days accrued)
  • 6 years of service – 1 extra day (total of 3 extra days accrued)
  • 8+ years of service – 1 extra day (total of 4 extra days accrued)

Get in touch with our People and Office Manager if you’d like more information