All full-time members of staff work a 40-hour week (including a 30 minute lunch break), which is pro-rated for part-time employees. As a company, we believe in flexibility and freedom so you can work at the best times for you. Each employee is responsible for ensuring that any flexing of hours does not negatively impact the business. Any ongoing change of regular hours needs to be approved by our People and Office Manager or one of the Directors.

The only exception is for semi-remote staff on Somerset House days (i.e Thursdays). We ask all team members to be in the office between 9.30am and 5:00pm unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please be aware that all absences from Somerset House must be approved by our People and Office Manager or one of the Directors a week in advance.

You may request ‘Working from home’ one week in advance on Charlie HR. Please state a reason as to why you need to work from home and this will be approved or declined on a case by case basis.

Please note, any unapproved absences of more than one Somerset House day a month may result in our People and Office Manager having a conversation with you about attendance issues. This is not something that any of us like so please be mindful of your attendance.