Social media has been a game changer both in our business and personal lives. It’s a place for us to exchange information, discuss our opinions, develop, and have fun.

However, social media is also a time suck, so it needs moderation during work hours so that employees remain productive. There also needs to be some guidance on social media usage, so you don’t bring Wholegrain’s name into disrepute.

Our social media policy affects all Wholegrain employees, and refers to all online communities, including social networks, chatrooms, blogs and forums.

Our policy covers two different elements: using personal social media while at work, and representing Wholegrain on social media.

Using Personal Social Media at Work

We don’t mind you accessing your personal social media accounts while at work. But please act responsibly and ensure it doesn’t affect your productivity. Heavy social media usage can shorten your attention span, and it’s very easy to get sidetracked.

If accessing your personal social media at work, please:

  • Exercise your common sense. A drop in productivity will show on your personal work record.
  • You’re welcome to associate yourself with Wholegrain when you post, but please make it clear that your posts are personal and do not represent our company position.
  • Don’t disclose intellectual property or any other sensitive business information.
  • Don’t post any offensive, defamatory or derogatory content.
  • Don’t disclose any information about our clients and customers.

Representing Wholegrain on Social Media

Team Genie Rachael is our communications queen and she’s generally responsible for handling our corporate social media, along with the Directors.

If you’re posting on behalf of Wholegrain, please:

  • Be respectful, polite and nice when posting or engaging in conversation.
  • Avoid discussing matters out of your area of expertise when possible.
  • Respect our confidentiality and data protection policies, and observe rules on copyright, trademarks, plagiarism and fair use.
  • Avoid deleting or removing comments for no reason. Listen and respond to all comments fairly and honestly.
  • Never post anything that’s offensive, defamatory or derogatory.
  • Correct or remove any misleading or false information as quickly as possible.
  • Be aware of our brand voice, tone and values in all posts and discussions.